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Little Stars Newborn & Children's Clinic


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Little Stars Newborn & Children's Clinic

  • Little Stars Newborn & Children's Clinic is a one-stop clinic for comprehensive care of paediatric and neonatal patients (0–18 years). Featuring a senior paediatrician with 20 years of experience in providing medical care to children, infants, and neonatal patients.

  • Mission The Mission outstanding care to outpatient paediatric patients visiting the clinic.

  • Core Values Providing optimal care based on updated medical expertise and evidence with the minimum possible medications without overuse of antibiotics.

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Best pediatrician doctor in raipur

Dr. Pawan Jain
M.D. (Pediatrics), EPIC, FPCC, PGDIp

Felloship paediatric critical care, MBBS (1999), MD (2003) PGDEPI post-graduate diploma in Epidemology, European Paediatric/Neonatel Intensive Care (EPIC) Diploma. Dr. Pawan Jain practises at Ramkrishna Care Hospitals as a paediatrician. The doctors' professional qualifications are MBBS, MD, and specialised in Pediatrics.

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What Patients Say

Best children's clinic in town. Doctor Pawan Jain is a child specialist(MD) and has excellent knowledge in his field. I always prefer him for consultancy. He listened to the problem very patiently. I recently vaccinated my 5-month-old baby and had a positive experience. I highly recommend you visit him once for your child's health check, despite going to a big hospital which will take high consultation charges for ordinary treatments. I also advise people to always seek the services of a specialist (MD) doctor.

Vinayak Sharma

I had a wonderful experience My kid is always afraid of going to the doctor, but here Dr. Pawan Jain just became his friend in no time, and half of the illness went off with his positive and friendly approach to my son, but the main point is his treatment. His immense experience in the field makes him an outstanding doctor. Thank you for all your support. I highly recommend the Little Star Clinic to everyone.

kamal Visaria

Dr. Pawan Jain is the best doctor (pediatrician) in Raipur. My experience with him is very good. He listens to all our problems very patiently and guides us in the best way. He is always available on the phone and responds to all our queries. He is a very helpful and friendly person. My son likes him very much. He is always there whenever we need him. Thank you, sir.

Rahul Prajapati

One of the best child specialists in town. He listens to the concerns of kids so patiently. Never be encouraged to give unnecessary medicine. He is never in a hurry. I had a very good experience with Dr. Pawan Jain. I would recommend Dr. Pawan Jain to all parents if there is any concern regarding their kids.

Vishal Trivedi

The Little Star Clinic is very good. I got a very good response from the doctor and staff. I got the right and accurate treatment for the problems related to children's health. Thank you so much, Dr. Pawan Jain.

Raj Kumar